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Marcelo Muniz

Aliká and the 
five magic seeds

A fabel for adults
Der Autor

Marcelo Muniz

Marcelo Muniz is a Brazilian children's storyteller, poet and writer based in Switzerland. He is also a teacher and therapist of somatic practices. He has developed a unique therapeutic approach, combining touch, movement, perception, spatial orientation and gravity (Haptic Gamma Embodiment). He has integrated into this therapeutic work elements of the imaginary that positively affect emotional and physiological regulation.


In writing this book, he drew on his experience as a therapist and storyteller to create a fable for adults. Using fantastic elements from fairy tales, combined with lightness and innocence, he transports us to a dreamlike world full of surprises. At the same time, it addresses essential themes of human existence, unveiled in a journey of transformation and bliss.


Thus, he invites us to take a timeless journey with "Aliká and the Five Magic Seeds" through a fertile and perennial field of dreams, mysteries and revelations.

This book is only available as an e-book in German, English and Portuguese.

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